Do you sometimes have a lot of money on your mobile wherever you can do nothing with it Just call is a bit useless and a waste of money. Because I also have this problem, I design a nice and simple solution that you can withdraw money from your mobile phone / sim free to your bank account or paypal.

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New website is online!

The new website is now online! The entire front-end and back-end are changed so the site is more secure. We have also added a new option, you can now invite friends via a link on your account page. So you even earn from your friends! We are also active in several countries!


We have a service where you started through a paying line your call credit transfer to this website. You get about 50% of the transferred amount, the telecom providers hold about 25-30%, the company that our payment processes requires also a part of this amount. 5-7% of the amount we like to send the validation text message and to pay the server costs. So we deserve absolutely nothing.

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Own subscription

To save as much as possible, we have a handy tool designed to compose. Using some data Passent your subscription So you will get an overview of the cheapest providers suiting your consumption.

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In order that this service works through a telephone transmission is very important for you that you do not have a subscription but is a prepaid sim card. With a subscription, these costs are charged to your monthly subscription costs are added up, it can sometimes come to be expensive.

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